Thursday, November 18, 2010

╬══๑World is Mine Cosplay๑══╬

Gosh, this is honestly a pretty easy cosplay, but I want it to still be close to the pictures I've seen..
(◕‿ ◕)    These are some pics I've based my design from... 
World is Mine
Again, Touya-sama and Saya-sama

Fanart Miku

I'll be customizing the top and I would still have to do the trademark ponytails... I'm sooo excited.. Okay, HAJIMARUZE!!

The skirt I made~!
Oh, the skirt, I so  it!! I saw this cloth with simple cute details... I so  love it~♥  

In the blouse, I will be adding more details to give more life to it, since as you can see, it still looks kinda boring.. I'll be sewing in some black ribbon and criss-cross it all the way the middle part and put in some pink lace around it, so it wouldn't look boring..

Partial whole look of the dress..

   I still need to buy the other trademark of the costume, the red strapped shoes! And still have to make the black part under that white skirt... (◕‿ ◕)

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