Thursday, November 18, 2010

╬══๑World is Mine Cosplay๑══╬

Gosh, this is honestly a pretty easy cosplay, but I want it to still be close to the pictures I've seen..
(◕‿ ◕)    These are some pics I've based my design from... 
World is Mine
Again, Touya-sama and Saya-sama

Fanart Miku

I'll be customizing the top and I would still have to do the trademark ponytails... I'm sooo excited.. Okay, HAJIMARUZE!!

The skirt I made~!
Oh, the skirt, I so  it!! I saw this cloth with simple cute details... I so  love it~♥  

In the blouse, I will be adding more details to give more life to it, since as you can see, it still looks kinda boring.. I'll be sewing in some black ribbon and criss-cross it all the way the middle part and put in some pink lace around it, so it wouldn't look boring..

Partial whole look of the dress..

   I still need to buy the other trademark of the costume, the red strapped shoes! And still have to make the black part under that white skirt... (◕‿ ◕)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Ever Blog Entry: ♥COSPLAY PLANS♥ (Part 1)

I know it's kinda self-centered to enter this, but since I made this blog to chronicle my journey through the vast Wonderland of Cosplaying, I decided to put up my plans in the future, meaning from this December till next year, probably..

Since I'm very much addicted in Vocaloid this year, I'm planning to Cosplay different characters in different Versions...

First one that I'll be doing this December is


 Yes, the Diva of the Virtual Universe~♥  She's very popular because of her "personality".  Mostly, in her songs she's a "Tsundere" that's why a lot of fanboys are so into her.. LOL   I'ma ctually planning to do a different Version first, her "World is Mine" Version..
  I've managed to have someone Cosplay as Kaito along side of me.. hohoh... Super thanks to Kuran Saekaara for participating in this Project of mine.. fufufu~
Diva of the Virtual Universe
World is Mine Version
I'm also currently studying how to make a Caramel Pudding, cause we don't really have that shape of pudding here in the Philippines, and shaping a flan, is totally not gonna work for me...  I hope I could perfect it and find a perfect molder/case for the pudding so I could just cool it and bring it to a convention.. I wanted to make one so that I'd be able to use a different kind of props as everyone else.. hohoh... All the people who Cosplayed this version never really had a props like this, except for Saya, who had a pudding in a photoshoot, they also had Strawberry Shortcake! These two sweet trears are both part of the song "World is Mine" where Miku said that she'll hold in her craving for sweets to lose weight and be liked by her servant.. eerrr.. Prince Charming, I mean...

YouTube Links for World is Mine:
Mage Miku
Another Version that I'll be doing is her Synchronicirty Version, which is waaaayyyy  COOL!!! I've managed to find people who could Cosplay with me as a group in this Version..  BTW, for people wreading this, If ur interested check out our page!  It's posted  ---------------->
Above my Facebook Badge.. ^__^  This are for Cosplayers situated here in Manila or people who are willing to visit Manila Conventions.  We have one member from Batangas, and it'll be her Cosplay Debut~♥  hohohoh
Cheer Leene Tiu is the name! Fufufu~

Official List of Syncroloids:
Kagamine Len - The Brother in search for his Sister (Kiku Honda)
Kagamine Rin - the Lost sister (Marie Louise Paez)
Hatsune Miku - The Dark Mage (Cornellia 先山 れいか)
Shion Kaito
- Fighter Version (Jomar Doitsu Mariano)
Shion Kaito
- Mage Version (ライト アーチェーンジェル)
Megurine Luka
- the evil queen (Ish Tameta)
Yokune Ruko
(UTAU) - protector of the queen (Nami Hatsune)
Kasane Teto
(UTAU) - . . . (Yra Hatsune)
Yowane Haku
- Bartender (Cheer Leene Tiu)

Open Slots for the Group:
Kamui Gakupo - the knight
Megpoid Gumi - Fighter (1 potential Cosplayer)
Sakine Meiko - the knight
Akita Neru 

Anyone interested to join could just contact me and please include a picture as well.. ^__^
Or contact us through are Facebook Page or my Facebook Account itself.. ^__^
Thank You~♥!!!

YouTube Links for Synchronicity:

Another one I'm planning to do is the Cantarella Version. 
I really love this Version! I'm so excited to do this Version on January, I managed to brainwash another person to be my Kaito... Fufufu, just kidding~! Hahhah...  It'll be his first time Cosplaying, and I don't know him in person.. Hope he'll enjoy Cosplaying.. ^__^  And, I hope his Cosplay would turn out great..  I still like the fact of meeting new people through Cosplay, although sometimes, it's seriously not safe to just be too friendly. But I like it that people are now starting to appreciate Cosplay. We might not have the same goals and purposes why we Cosplay, but the fact that we are all enjoying makes us all one, or so I think... ^__^

Touya Hibiki-sama and Saya-sama
Kaito x Miku
Touya-sama nad Saya=sama as Kaito and Miku


YouTube Links for Cantarella:

♥Sayonara for now!!!♥